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Desk sharing is a permanent part of “New Work”, the structural transformation of the work environment. As a desk sharing software, DEIN RAUM offers your company a wide range of benefits. Developed by experienced programmers, the workspace reservation system offers easy, fast access and is GDPR-compliant.  Our cost-effective pricing means you get big benefits at a low price. DEIN RAUM focuses on what’s important: smart workspace reservations and resource optimization.

So what is resource optimization all about?

DEIN RAUM gives you an overview of your workspace utilization and the qualified analyses help you realize savings potential. Our savings calculator helps you quickly calculate how much money your company can save by using DEIN RAUM.

An overview of the functions


1. Personal password-protected user account

2. Set a week rule

3. Calendar integration

4. Multiple locations

5. Personal reservations overview

6. Overview of each workplace’s technical infrastructure

7. Reserve conference rooms

8. Overview of colleagues on-site with Option to Filter

1. View workspace occupancy analyses

2. Manage locations

3. User administration

4. Block and change workspaces

5. Easy connection to single sign-on, Active Directory, OpenID, etc.

Intuitive booking
from a smartphone

Your employees can book and cancel workspaces in just a few clicks. Anytime, anywhere, right from their desktop or smartphone.

Smartphone, Arbeitsplatz und Desktop

Easy and fast set-up

All we need in order to get you set up is the floor plan of your office spaces and the user IDs. The connection to Single Sign-on, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and others is no problem with DEIN RAUM.

Drei Kreise mit einem Haken-Symbol, einer ID und einem Block

Maximize employee

Extending home office is not necessarily a permanent solution. We simplify the process by maximizing employee protection.

Floor plan in an office with bookable and unbookable workstations and the room labeling


For contact-free scheduling and management of customer meetings

The next trade fair is coming up and you are already dreading having to plan it? We have a smart solution to help you combat the chaos of client meeting scheduling. DEIN RAUM lets you map your trade fair booth on a floor plan and reserve individual slots for customer meetings.

Meet Smart

The clear and intuitive presentation makes scheduling easier than ever before.

Floor plan in the desk sharing tool with the display of free and bookable spaces

Keep The

You not only get an overview at the booth, but also in the management of appointments. The evaluation option ensures optimal resource utilization.

Grundriss in dem Desk Sharing Tool mit der Büroauslastung zur Ressourcenoptimierung in Prozent

Save Costs

Our application runs on a server in the cloud. This allows us to offer the application as SaaS – Software as a Service. You are spared acquisition and operating costs.

DEIN RAUM Logo und Zahnräder in einer Cloud und den Anbindungen an iCal und Excel


Say goodbye to parking space drama – Smart management of company parking spaces

In addition to workspace and trade fair booth reservations, DEIN RAUM also offers software that allows companies to reserve parking spaces. Trying to find a parking space at work is time-consuming and stressful, and it definitely becomes a problem when there is a shortage of spaces, which makes for stressed employees.

DEIN RAUM identifies parking space occupancies and ensures optimal usage of the internal parking options at the office. The focus here is on stress-free parking for employees and the optimization of parking lots.

Online reservations anywhere and anytime

DEIN RAUM makes reserving a parking space easy and smart. If you offer charging stations at your parking lot, DEIN RAUM also makes it easy to organize those as well. Employees can reserve parking spaces at any time from their smartphone or desktop.

Display of a parking space in the desk sharing software DEIN RAUM with available parking spaces for booking

Improved parking space

Whether parking spaces are not being exhausted or there is a shortage of spaces, DEIN RAUM analyzes the current situation, provides insight into usage and helps you to optimize.

Anzeige der Parkplatzauslastung in Prozent anhand eines Kalenders und der Wochentage

Increase employee satisfaction

Trying to score a parking spot right before work in the morning? A very stressful and time-consuming endeavor. With DEIN RAUM, parking spaces can be organized more quickly, are quicker for employees to find and, most importantly, less stressful.

Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit dargestellt an einer Person mit einer Sprechblase und lächelnden Smileys



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