What are the arguments against desk sharing?

In the modern working world, there are a variety of workspace options. One of these options is called “desk sharing,” where multiple employees share a desk. However, despite its popularity, desk sharing also has its disadvantages. In this article, we will take a closer look at the arguments against desk sharing.


  1. What are the arguments against remote work?
  2. What is a bench workstation?
  3. What is an open space office?
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What are the arguments against remote work?

Remote work has experienced a real boom in recent years. More and more employees prefer to work from home. It offers flexibility and a better work-life balance. But are there also arguments against remote work? Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Is the office better than remote work?

Although remote work offers many advantages, there are situations where the office is still the better option. Personal contact with colleagues and supervisors can facilitate communication and collaboration. An office also provides the opportunity to distance oneself from home and draw a clear line between work and personal life.

Why is there no mandatory remote work?

Despite the increasing popularity of remote work, there is currently no legal requirement for employers to offer this option. One reason is that not every profession is suitable for working from home. Some jobs require physical presence in an office or at a specific workplace.

How effective is remote work really?

There are mixed opinions about how effective remote work actually is. Some studies show that employees working from home are more productive and satisfied. Other studies, however, suggest that productivity may decrease when employees are faced with the distractions of the home environment. It is important to consider individual needs and the nature of the job in question.

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What is a bench workstation?

A bench workstation is a special type of workspace designed for the flexible use of employees. Instead of having a fixed desk, employees use a pool of workstations as needed and available. But what are the arguments for and against bench workstations? Let’s take a closer look.

Are satisfied employees more motivated?

A satisfied workforce is of great importance to any company. There are numerous studies showing that satisfied employees are more motivated and engaged. Bench workstations can help increase employee satisfaction as they provide more flexibility and a greater variety of work environments.

How large should a workstation be?

The size of a workstation plays an important role in the productivity and well-being of employees. A workstation that is too small can lead to frustration and discomfort, while an excessively large workstation is inefficiently used. It is important to find the right balance and offer workstations that meet the individual needs of employees.

What makes a good workstation?

A good workstation should meet the needs of employees and provide a pleasant working environment. This includes aspects such as adequate lighting, ergonomic furniture, a comfortable room temperature, and good ventilation. The ability to personalize the workstation can also increase employee satisfaction.

What is an open space office?

Open space offices are workplaces that have few or no partitions or enclosed rooms. They are designed to promote communication and collaboration among employees. But what are the arguments for and against open space offices? Let’s take a closer look.

What is better: individual offices or open space offices?

The debate about whether individual offices or open space offices are better has been ongoing for a long time. Individual offices offer privacy and concentration, while open space offices facilitate collaboration and information exchange. There is no definitive answer to this question as it strongly depends on individual preferences and the nature of the work.

What is multispace?

Multispace is a concept that combines different types of work areas in an office. This means that there are both individual offices and open areas and meeting rooms. Multispace allows employees to choose the appropriate workspace based on the task at hand and their individual needs.

Why choose an open space office?

Open space offices are often seen as a cost-effective option as they require fewer walls and less space per employee. They can also facilitate collaboration and information exchange. However, there are also criticisms, such as noise and distractions, which can affect productivity.

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Questions and answers

Is there an optimal workspace solution for all companies?

The optimal workspace solution depends on the individual needs and requirements of a company. However, a workspace software like DEIN RAUM can cover many needs and requirements as it is customizable for any company size and flexible in its functions.

Is desk sharing always a bad option?

No, desk sharing is an efficient solution in many cases, especially when employees travel frequently or have flexible working hours.

Is remote work suitable for everyone?

No, not every profession is suitable for remote work. Some tasks require physical presence at the workplace.

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