The contribution of the new work working model to a sustainable environment

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a remarkable shift in the way we work. Companies, governments and educational institutions have rapidly adopted hybrid or fully remote working arrangements, not only out of necessity, but also because of the unexpected benefits they bring. What started as a temporary solution has now become an integral part of our work culture, offering unique opportunities to boost productivity, increase employee motivation and contribute to a healthier society and work-life balance. Recognizing the potential of these changes, forward-thinking organizations like Pial Consult have not only adopted new work policies for their employees, but also leveraged them to address environmental concerns. Aligning sustainability with digital transformation, hybrid working has emerged as a viable solution to combat climate change and optimize the use of limited natural resources. In this blog post, we will explore the transformative power of the new work model and its profound impact on building a sustainable future.


  1. Relationship of the new working model with environmental sustainability
  2. Pial Consult GmbH’s transition to a new working model: Dein Raum
  3. What are the environmental sustainability implications of this new working policy?
  4. How does Pial Consult GmbH work with the new business model?

Relationship of the new working model with environmental sustainability

During Covid 19, companies, governments, universities have had to integrate hybrid or fully remote working, even if it is mandatory. Remote & hybrid working, which entered our lives primarily as a result of the pandemic, has become a part of the working culture of many companies and institutions after the pandemic due to the unique opportunities created by this new working policy that increases work efficiency, contributes to employee motivation and provides a healthier society and work-life balance for employees. In addition, as a solution to increasing air pollution, climate change and the use of limited natural resources in recent years, the business world and organizations have started to include hybrid working in their sustainability and digital transformation policies.

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Pial Consult GmbH’s transition to a new working model: Dein Raum

Pial Consult, an experienced insurance and IT and digital solutions specialist, part of the Msg Group, has also changed its policy of working in the pandemic from the traditional way of working to New Work, a flexible way of working that is fully employee and environmentally friendly. As a digital solution to current challenges, Dein Raum, a desk-sharing application that enables the best integration of hybrid working into working life with a team of experienced project developers, designers and strategists, has emerged.

What are the environmental sustainability implications of this new working policy?

  1. Energy Efficiency: New Work businesses reduce their environmental impact by optimizing energy consumption. Innovative energy-efficient technologies and designs are used. As a result, energy costs are reduced and resources are used more efficiently.
  2. Carbon Footprint: As a sustainable business, New Work aims to minimize its environmental impact. To reduce its carbon footprint, it switches to renewable energy sources and monitors its energy consumption. Thus, it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.
  3. Waste Management: New Work businesses implement various strategies to reduce waste generation and encourage recycling. Recycling programs and waste reduction policies contribute to the conservation of natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.
  4. Conservation of Natural Resources: As a sustainable business, New Work is committed to protecting environmental resources. It adopts water conservation measures and supports sustainable forestry practices to protect natural resources such as water, forests and biodiversity.
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How does Pial Consult GmbH work with the new business model?

As Pial Consult GmbH, we work with a motivated, supportive team from many cultures, who can balance work and private life, with an equalitarian, international, environmentally friendly approach. Sometimes we run for social projects or collect garbage for a better environment as a team, sometimes we work hard together in our workplace like a bee. Sometimes we can take our computers and work mobile in a country wherever we want, sometimes we share our experiences with each other over lunch at the big table in our office after working together and we love this freedom. But as a tradition we don’t forget to bring a snack for our team when we return from the countries we visit. We at Pial and Dein Raum are very happy to be able to work so freely, motivated and productive while at the same time making a positive contribution to a more sustainable environment.

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