Frequently asked questions


Step 1: Select a workspace and click on it

Find the workspace you would like to work from, then click on that workspace (only workspaces that are still available can be clicked on).

Floor plan workstation selection

Step 2: Select a time frame

A pop-up appears when you click on a workspace. In it, you can reserve the space for the entire day or you can manually select a time frame. You can use the slider to adjust the time frame or you can enter your desired times in the corresponding fields.

Booking overview

Step 3: Reserve it

Finally, click the “Reserve” button. You have just reserved a workspace at the office in three easy steps. 

Booked workstation

You can view your reserved workspace in the “Agenda” option in the reservation menu.

Booking overview

You can cancel a reservation by clicking the “x” in the “Your Space” field and then confirming the cancellation with “YES”.

Cancel workstation booking

You do have the option of reserving multiple spaces on the same day as long as the spaces are available. You might need to do so, for example, if you have a short meeting and would like a quieter room for it, etc. This option allows different spaces to be flexibly reserved for a specific time frame.

Floor plan workstation booking

The “Overview” field opens a window with the names of everyone in the office and the time frames they are in the office. You can also view whether they are working from home, have an external meeting or are out of the office.

In addition, there is also the option to hide your name and the workspace you have reserved using the “Hide Me” function. Your reservations are then made anonymously. This setting can be activated in the menu.

Attendance list

1. Find a space on the floor plan and click on the desk

Personal settings

2. A pop-up will appear where you can click the heart in the upper right labeled “Set as favorite place”

Pop up with favorite place

3. You can find a list of your personal favorites in the column on the left of the app in the section titled “Your favorite places”

Favorite place view

4. You can repeat that process for all of your favorite spaces

Favorite place view

5. YOUR SPACE now offers an express reservation option that allows you to quickly reserve one of your favorite spaces right from the “Your favorite spaces” section.

Express booking

Registering your company with DEIN RAUM is very easy. You begin by filling out the contact form (Link to contact form) on our homepage. We then contact you to set up a virtual meeting to discuss the details. If you are pleased with the concept at the end of the meeting, we initiate the next steps and create a portal for your company.

Important: We will need your floor plan to ensure a smooth process.

You send us a copy of your floor plan with any notes or comments as a PDF or SVG file. Please remember that you will need to indicate which workspaces can be reserved and where those spaces are located on the floor plan. Our developers take care of recreating your floor plan in the software. Workspaces available for reservation are shown in green and can be reserved in the app by your users. It is also important for us to know if the plan contains areas that should be occupied by specific departments. We can flag such areas and activate them for the respective departments only.

Next, we send the information to our UI/UX designers who turn the floor plan into a clean and usable version. Finally, our developers add the final version of the floor plan to the app and highlight the workspaces that can be reserved. 

Floor plan before and after

Yes, multiple floors can be created for companies. Floors can be selected from a drop-down menu.

Floor plan different locations

There is an option to divide the floor plan into multiple departments, such as “Marketing”, “Administration”, “Consultant”, etc. Next, employees are assigned to one of the departments that were created. Once that has been done, the employees of a department will only be able to view workspaces in their respective department.

You can find an overview in the “Overview” option in the menu at the top of the screen.

Employee overview in the desk sharing solution